Would like to welcome all children ages 3-12 to this
years Vacation Bible School!!! (VBS)
This will be a free event!!!! All kids are welcome, and yes you can bring your friends too.We will need to have all children who plan on attending please register at the church office. Also you can print the registration form online.(1 form per Child )<Click Here>
Save the Date:
June 22-26, 5:15 pm - 8:30 pm
**Dinner for kids and parents will be provided @5:15 pm**
This Years theme:
Everest:Conquering Challenges With God's Mighty Power
2015 VBS from Group Publishing.

Children learn to overcome challenges with God's mighty power

Day 1: God has the power to provide! (God provides for Elijah-1 Kings 17)

Day 2: God has the power to comfort! (God speaks to Elijah-1 Kings 19)

Day 3: God has the power to heal! (God heals Naaman-2 Kings 5)

Day 4: God has the power to forgive! (Jesus dies on the cross to take away
our sins then comes back to life- Luke 22:31-24:12)

Day 5: God has the power to love us forever! (Jesus promises us an eternal
home-John 14:1-3)

For further information,Please contact
Ryan Conley-youth pastor
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